Commercial Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business from Unexpected Environmental Damage.

Get the Right Coverage with Pollution Liability Insurance.

As a contractor, you need to be prepared for the unexpected and protect your business against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs due to pollution conditions from your operations. American Safeguard Insurance is a reliable and dependable solution for protecting your business from environmental liability risks. At American Safeguard Insurance, we understand that environmental liability can be unexpected, and that’s why we provide comprehensive coverage for your environmental insurance needs.

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What Is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL) is a contractor-based policy that can provide third-party coverage for property damage, bodily injury, and cleanup as a result of pollution conditions that happen from contracting operations by the contractor or on behalf of the contractor.

With ASI, You Get...

Pollution Insurance Coverage

Ensure your business has the best protection from damage or liability

Property Damage Coverage

Protect your business from claims of property damage due to pollution from your operations.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Have the financial protection to handle costs related to bodily injury.

Cleanup Costs Coverage

Avoid the stress of clean-up costs after an incident.

Environmental Claims Coverage

Save yourself the worry of defending environmental claims and managing environmental concerns.

Crisis Management Coverage

Be prepared for unexpected environmental concerns.

We'd Love To Share Our Knowledge & Experience

Pollution Liability is a complex specialty product with over 50,000 coverage forms and endorsements. If you are interested in purchasing it, you need an agency with experience and knowledge of writing pollution liability insurance policies. 

It all starts with a conversation with one of our specialists to discuss your coverage needs. We will provide a policy package tailored to your individual needs, helping you make the most informed decision. Each business is different, so visiting with your agent is important to make sure your business is protected the way it is supposed to be.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to our team of insurance specialists, who are available to help whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with water, heating and cooling systems, or any water-containing source that may lead to the spread of the water droplets that contain disease? Do you haul solid goods that could release pollutants, such as construction debris or treated lumber? Do you own heavy equipment that you refuel at your job site? Do you transport or have a third party transport your heavy equipment?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, consider getting liability coverage.

Any contractor can purchase this coverage, which will help them fill the coverage gap left by their Commercial General Liability pollution exclusion. Some examples of contractors needing this coverage include Heating and Cooling Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Pipeline Contractors, Abatement Contractors, Environmental Remediation Contractors, Street and Road Contractors, and General Contractors, just to name a few. 

You can purchase the Contractor’s Pollution Liability Policy on a project basis or blanket basis. A blanket pollution policy provides coverage on an annual basis for covered operations during the policy period, while project policies provide coverage for the contractor during the construction project period.

Businesses that fall into the following categories (plus quite a few more) are prime examples of an operation that would benefit from purchasing Business Owner’s Insurance: hair salons, insurance agencies, law offices, dental offices, medical offices, auto service repair, small contractors, machine shops, retailers and light manufacturers.

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