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You deserve peace of mind with your insurance policy. 

Don’t settle for minimum coverage when you know you need more. As an independent agent, we shop your premium at over 15 different insurance companies. That means you have more choice and more selection to find the protection you need without a one-size-fits-all policy.

It’s our job to understand exactly what you need and protect your assets while getting your the best price available. We actively monitor your premium for savings or gaps in coverage and dynamically adjust it to save you money. So you have confidence in your coverage, whatever life throws your way.

Auto Insurance

Because drivers are so unpredictable, you never know when an unavoidable accident could happen. Let us protect you from that scenario.

Home Insurance

Your home is one of the largest investments you'll make but it's also vulnerable to numerous risks. We can insure your home and family from financial danger.

Life insurance

Over the years, you’ll find comfort in knowing money will be available to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing. Let us provide this relief.

Health Insurance

Nobody plans to get ill or injured but with Health Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your medical care can be affordable.

Flood Insurance

It’s important to insure your home and its contents if you are at a high-risk for flood. Flood Insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Umbrella Insurance

Since the whole point of Umbrella Insurance is to protect your assets from a lawsuit, it only makes sense to buy it if you have assets to protect.

Earthquake Insurance

Being a home owner comes with the responsibility of protecting your property from any damage that may occur as a result of an earthquake.

Motorcycle insurance

Protect yourself and your ride with motorcycle insurance. Allow us to protect you so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road with ease.

Inland Marine Insurance

Personal Inland Marine Insurance can provide coverage for your personal property, whether or not it is transported from one location to another.

RV insurance

If you're an avid outdoorsman or someone that enjoys a nice camp fire, it's important to make sure your RV is covered correctly in the event of a claim.

Boat insurance

From avid fishers to families who enjoy lake trips, we want to make sure that you are getting the protection you need to get on the water the right away.


Enjoy the thrill of every jump, dip and turn even more by knowing you're protected. Talk to one of our agents about your ATV Insurance options.

Farm and Ranch insurance

There are a lot of hidden risks when it comes to a farm & ranch and insurance for these types of risk can get very complicated if you do not know what to look for.

free rate increase monitoring

We all know the feeling. You’re sitting at the kitchen table when you open the bill from your insurance agency… and find out your rates have gone up 15% for seemingly no reason at all. We hate that feeling just as much as you do (we buy insurance too, you know) – which is why we monitor our customer’s premiums for any rate increases. If we detect a rate increase over 10% we immediately reshop your premium with the other 14 insurance companies who lost your business the first time around. We find that has a way of making the company think twice about raising your rates. Result? You save money.

trusted by millions

Fun fact – independent insurance agencies write 35% of all personal insurance premiums and 81% of all commercial insurance premiums. And that’s without spending billions on advertising. After you get your quote, you’ll know why.

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Brenda Stone
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“I am incredibly pleased with the quality of customer service, Cassie provided to me. I would like to acknowledge Cassie's immense input in getting all my issues resolved.”
Haley Wehrer
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“Great agency with great customer service. My agent Jessica is always there to help with any question, change, or issue I may have. She always shops my policy if it increases to make sure I’m getting the best rate available. I would recommend ASI for anyone looking for great prices and great customer service with their insurance.”
Einella Lewis
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“My husband and I love and really appreciate the loyalty, quick response and hard work our insurance representative Cindy Ellis shows us every time we have a question or concern about our policies! Thanks for all you do for us Cindy!”

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