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what is inland marine insurance?

Don’t let the term “Inland Marine” confuse you. As opposed to “Marine Insurance,” which covers products when transported over water, Inland Marine Insurance covers products, materials and equipment when transported over land or while temporarily warehoused by a third party. 

This coverage acts as an extension of your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy to offer additional coverage for personal belongings ranging from jewelry to collectibles, musical instruments, cameras, and fine art. Your personal property can sometimes be damaged while being transported and may not be covered under your Homeowner’s Policy. An Inland Marine Policy will protect those items during transport.

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Your personal property can also be damaged while being transported, which personal inland marine will protect. Your personal property is precious and valuable to you, and should have adequate insurance protection, which Personal Inland Marine can provide.

One of the most commonly asked questions of agents is “How much insurance do I need?” This is where a professional insurance agent will provide you with numerous insurance coverage options regarding limits and coverages and then explain the risk associated with each of them. 

What types of property are covered by an inland marine policy?

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