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what is health insurance?

Nobody plans to get ill or injured, but you will need quality medical coverage at some point in your life. With Health Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that medical care can be affordable. If you don’t have Health Insurance, you are in charge of paying the whole bill. That can get expensive with unexpected hospital visits, routine eye exams, and doctor check-ups; however, you get to split the cost with your provider with health insurance. Health insurance can be expensive, but it is worth the cost because you will need quality medical coverage at some point in your life.

How it works:

You split the cost of all your covered medical care between you and your insurance provider. After you pay the maximum out of pocket limit, also known as your deductible, your provider will cover 100% of the medical care for the rest of that year.

What Is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental Health Insurance is the perfect addition to any health insurance policy. It can cover any additional unexpected costs you might face in the middle of a significant health crisis, covering what your copay doesn’t. Don’t sweat the extra expenses if you have a supplemental insurance plan.

Understanding the types of Health Insurance


Medicare can be confusing. If you understand the basic types of Medicare plans available, you will be able to decide which plan is best for you. Medicare is available to those aged 65 or older and typically covers hospital insurance and medical insurance. You can add on additional coverage if desired. The first additional plan is the Medicare Supplement Insurance, otherwise known as Medigap. This insurance is only offered to those already on Medicare because it covers the copays that Medicare doesn’t. Another Medicare plan is Medicare Part D Insurance. This is a form of insurance that helps pay for prescriptions not covered by Medicare. Medicare can be confusing, but it can help make paying for medical coverage more bearable.

Short Term

Short term plans typically last up to 36 months and are an excellent option for those in between jobs or waiting for enrollment in other insurance services. Although they don’t cover as many items as major medical plans, it’s better than not having insurance at all.

When Should You Buy Health Insurance?

There is a period called “open enrollment” where insurers allow customers to sign up for insurance. This period varies by state, however there are a few exceptions that allow sign-ups outside of the open enrollment period. Suppose you have a major life event including a change in household, losing your health insurance, gaining citizenship, changing income, or moving. In that case, you might be allowed to enroll in a health plan at the occurrence of the event. It is best to enroll in an insurance plan as soon as possible, especially if you are not insured.

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