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what is auto insurance?

An Automobile Insurance Policy is designed to cover you against certain types of losses or claims. The typical Auto Policy is defined as a four wheel motor vehicle of a private passenger, station wagon or jeep owned by or leased to you under contract. Other types of vehicles include pickup trucks and vans with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) 10,000 pounds or less. This type of policy is designed to cover persons going to and from work, pleasure usage of a vehicle and some approved business uses.

Whatever you drive, you need insurance for your car and assets. American Safeguard Insurance has coverage options that enable you to get the Auto Insurance Policy you want. 

Risks We Cover

You cause an accident

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You cause a minor collision while trying to find the perfect song for your road trip. There is minimal damage but the other driver says their neck hurts. 


Bodily Injury/Property Damage covers you if you cause damage to a person or persons and/or their property for which you are held legally responsible.

You damage your car

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You’re on your way home and driving in heavy rains when your car hydroplanes and you hit a tree damaging your car’s front bumper. 


Collision Coverage is designed to cover an auto in the event of damage to your car as a result of striking another vehicle/object or flipping over. This coverage is a no-fault coverage meaning it doesn’t matter who is at-fault. If you are struck by another person and they have Liability Insurance to cover the loss then you will not have to use this coverage. There is usually a deductible sold with this coverage that affects the premium charged.

an uninsured driver damages your car

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Someone runs a red light and hits your car leaving you with minor injuries. That someone doesn’t have insurance. 


Uninsured Motorist Coverage is designed to reimburse you or a family member or can even cover a designated driver if one of you is struck by another driver who is uninsured and can apply to a hit-and-run driver. Underinsured Motorist is in play when another driver hits you and doesn’t have enough car insurance to cover your loss.

you're injured in an accident

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You and your son are injured when you accidentally hit a tree. 


Medical Payments Coverage provides for the treatment of injuries to the driver and/or the passengers of the policyholder’s vehicle.

Your Car is damaged by a hailstorm

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A sudden hailstorm cracks your car’s windshield and leaves dozens of dents on the hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle.


Comprehensive Coverage is design to protect the covered auto in the event of theft, vandalism, glass, hail, flood or striking of an animal (to name a few). There is usually a deductible sold with this coverage that affects the premium charged.

Custom Audio Equipment coverage

Applies to add-on or replaced audio/video equipment that is installed in the vehicle. This is usually a separate endorsement and there is a value determined at the time the vehicle is covered on the auto policy.

Rental and Towing Labor coverages

Designed to reimburse you up to a certain amount in the event of a covered loss. Towing and Labor Coverage will reimburse you in the event your vehicle becomes disabled and requires you to need a tow or labor cost as a result of a roadside covered event.

Auto Loan/Lease Gap coverage

Pays up to a certain amount (based on your policy coverages) to cover the gap between what is owed and what the actual cash value of the vehicle is at the time of loss whether it is financed or leased.

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One of the most commonly asked questions of agents is “How much auto insurance do I need?” This is where a professional insurance agent will provide you with numerous insurance coverage options regarding limits and coverages and then explain the risk associated with each of them. We like to make sure that you are adequately covered in the event of an accident, you have the peace of mind to know your insurance is sufficient. More and more companies are offering discounts for telematic devices that monitor your driving habits. Some companies are offering up to 35% discounts! This is a great way for you to be in control of your own auto premium. We also offer plenty of discounts.

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