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Employee Practice Liability Insurance

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Are You a Business Owner Responsible for Your Employees’ Well-Being?

Do you worry about the potential for employees to take legal action for wrongful termination, harassment, or other issues? At American Safeguard Insurance, we understand that your workplace is your livelihood and that you need to make sure that you’re protected.

With Employee Practice Liability Insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you’re protected in the event of an employee filing a legal suit. We provide coverage in the event of a consequential bodily injury lawsuit or other legal costs associated with employee suits, giving you the best possible protection from liability.

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What Is Employee Practice Liability Insurance?

EPLI is insurance against claims made by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related issues. This protects you from employee lawsuits. Our services provide coverage associated with consequential bodily injury lawsuits, legal costs, and more.

When You Partner With Us, You Get:

Comprehensive Coverage

To ensure your business is fully protected from any risks.

Flexible Policies

We offer various policy packages tailored to your business's needs.

Expert Advice

Our team of experts is here to guide you on the best coverage for your business.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our policies offer a cost-effective solution for employers looking for liability protection.

Dedicated Support

Our team is available to help you in any way possible.

We'd Love To Share Our Knowledge & Experience

There are many other coverages available depending on each need and based on the type of business you’re running. Let us protect you and your assets from allegations. 

It all starts with a conversation with one of our specialists to discuss your coverage needs. We will provide a policy package tailored to your individual needs, helping you make the most informed decision. Each business is different, so visiting with your agent is important to make sure your business is protected the way it is supposed to be.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to our team of insurance specialists, who are available to help whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our insurance service covers consequential bodily injury lawsuits, legal costs, and other associated costs related to employee suits.

Our team will work with you to identify the policy package and payment option that best suits you.

Deciding whether you need this coverage? This is really a debatable topic. However, even if you have a single employee, you should consider the coverage. In today’s business climate, anyone can allege and sue anyone. By having this coverage, you protect your assets from the high cost of defense against these types of allegations.

Cost, as in all insurance products, is based on risk and exposures. If you have a small number of employees, the cost will be less than someone with a large number. Some carriers can add a small amount of coverage to your existing policies for as little as $100 in annual premiums. A comprehensive stand-alone policy can range from $500 up, depending on the size of your business.

Our team of specialists is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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