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Over the years we’ve learned business owners like you care about three things when it comes to insurance: knowing your business is protected, not having to deal with claims when an accident happens, and paying a fair price. At ASI, we heavily emphasize three things in our interactions with our business customers:

  1. Service – We truly believe in serving our customers for life. In every interaction with the businesses we serve – from the local plumber to the large regional business – we keep in mind the long term. Every piece of advice we give is made with the idea that we will be doing business for years going forward. We’ve found that is something business owners appreciate.
  2. Speed – Something we take pride in at ASI is the speed at which we do business. From quotes to servicing claims, we get it done… quick. We know how important time is to our customers so we try our best to take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. When something goes wrong you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be there to help get your business back on it’s feet asap.
  3. Save – We realize minimizing expenses is always near the top of the list (if not top of the list) for our business customers so we strive to save them money. One important benefit of insuring your business with ASI is that we can check prices across over 15 insurance companies. As you know from your own business experience, when companies compete, prices go down. Another benefit of ASI is that we include free monitoring for rate increases on your premium. That way you can spend more time running your business and less time running around getting quotes.

General Liability Insurance

Whether you are a small business owner or multinational corporation, when it comes to your insurance coverage General Liability should always be at the top of the list.

auto Insurance

Whether your company owns one car or a fleet of vehicles, Commercial Auto Insurance is important to make sure that your company can still perform its duties in the event of a claim.

business owners Insurance

Business Owner's Insurance combines both Property and Liability Coverage into one package protecting you from things like injury, property damage, or loss of income.

health Insurance

A commercial Health Insurance policy plays an important role in the lives of your employees. Providing the option of quality medical coverage sets your company apart.

property Insurance

Allow American Safeguard Insurance to provide critical financial assistance in the event of a loss so that your company can continue to operate with as little disruption as possible.

workers compensation insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance assures that injured workers get medical care and compensation following an accident that resulted from their job responsibilities.

umbrella Insurance

This Umbrella Policy is your business’ second line of defense providing you with an additional layer of liability protection above your business' General Liability limit.

pollution liability Insurance

Contractor’s Pollution Liability is a contractor-based policy that can provide third party coverage for property damage, bodily injury and cleanup as a result of pollution conditions.

surety bonds

Let us provide you with the best way to absolutely guarantee that specific tasks are fulfilled. This is achieved by bringing three parties together in a mutual, legally binding contract.

inland marine insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is designed for property that may be subject to “unique” causes of loss that traditional property policies do not cover. Allow us to keep this property safe.

Directors and Officer's Coverage

Allow us to provide financial protection for managers against the consequences of actual or alleged “wrongful acts” when acting in the scope of their managerial duties.

Cyber Insurance

Intended to protect businesses and individuals from internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure and much more.

employee practice liability insurance

EPLI fights claims made by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related issues.

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Fun fact – independent insurance agencies write 35% of all personal insurance premiums and 81% of all commercial insurance premiums. And that’s without spending billions on advertising. After you get your quote, you’ll know why.

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