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Words like “Employee Retirement Income Security Act” are pretty confusing, especially to someone unfamiliar with surety bonds. But if you need a surety bond and aren’t sure where to turn, don’t worry; we have a talented staff that is ready to listen to your situation and recommend the best option.

If you decide to purchase a surety bond with American Safeguard Insurance, you can be confident that you’re getting quality services from some of the best financial institutions on the market.

What Are Surety Bonds?

A Surety Bond is often the best way to guarantee the performance of a service or that a payment is carried out. It’s an agreement between three parties: the surety, the obligee, and the principal. The surety company guarantees that the obligee (the entity requiring the bond) performs a service for the principal (you or your business). 

It may sound confusing now, but your agent can give you a further explanation and answer all of your questions. 

Some of the Surety Bonds We Offer Include:

Commercial Surety Bonds

• Arkansas Bonded Title
• Arkansas Contractors License
• Arkansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

Fidelity Bonds

• Dishonesty Bonds
• Janitorial Service Bonds

Contract Bonds

• Bid Bonds
• Performance & Payment Bonds

Construction Projects Under $350,000

• FastTrack Application

Construction Projects Over $350,000

• Contractor's Questionnaire
• Company Year-End Financials (Last 3 Years)
• Personal Financial Statement (All Owners)
• Bank Reference Letter
• Resumes on all Owners and Key People Current Work on Hand
• Three References (from Owners, General Contractors, Subcontractors)
• Last 3 years' Federal Tax Returns (Company and Personal)
• General Indemnity Agreement Information Request
• Copy of Bank Line of Credit Agreement (if established)
• Current Certificate of Insurance
• Complete and Sign Credit Release Form (included in Contractor's Questionnaire mentioned above)

We'd Love To Share Our Knowledge & Experience

Since we are an independent agency, we can choose which financial institutions we work with – and we only work with the best.

We are both a retail agency (promoting our products directly to the consumers), as well as a wholesale agency working with agents to provide high-quality surety solutions for their customers. For some agencies, we serve as their bond department, handling all of their Surety Bond needs.

Through our affiliate surety company, Bond America, we have the ability to access multiple markets for our customers to ensure fast, fair, and competitive bond rates. This allows us to offer several options, rates, and opportunities. We understand that time is of the essence since most contracts require the security of a surety bond. So let our team of expert surety underwriters provide you with the most competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Bond America, our affiliate surety company, is the nationwide leader in surety bonding, with fast, professional surety bonding service and guidance.

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