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what is cyber insurance?

Cyber Coverage is to protect businesses and individuals from theft, hacks, extortion, pirating, phishing, data breach, data recovery, defamation through internet-based risks and generally risks relating to information technology. If you own or use a computer or smart device you should consider Cyber Insurance.  

What could happen that I need this?

You receive an email from your employee notifying you that they have changed bank accounts and they need their pay check put in the new account. The email was actually a phishing email and did not come from the employee. You made the change without verifying the change and as it turns out it was a fraudulent email. Now the employee’s payroll check is gone and you get to reimburse the account.

A small tool company running CNC machines comes into work on Monday to find all programming for all CNC machines are gone. The data has been stolen, extracted, and the hard drive and server erased. You cannot operate a single machine and a ransom demand of $75,000 has been made to release your data.

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There are many other coverages available depending on each need and based off the type of business you’re running. Needing this coverage should really be determined with a complete review with you agent. Each situation is different, however Cyber Insurance offers much broader coverage than just for credit card protection. Each business is different as well, so visiting with your agent is important to make sure your business is protected the way it is supposed to be.

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