About Kale Czerwonka

Commercial Account Exec

Kale Czerwonka stands out as a Commercial Account Executive for his strong passion and great dedication to the aviation industry. His love for the aviation industry began from a young age, and he has been committed to pursuing and achieving his dreams of becoming one of the best in the aviation and insurance industry. 

His love for aviation began when he achieved his pilots license at just 18. Kale then joined the US Army as an Air Traffic Controller stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. During his career in the US Army, he served one combat tour in Iraq and achieved a tactical tower rating, as well as a ground-controlled approach rating. Kale later transitioned to a Certified Flight Instructor in the Memphis area. After spending 2 years as a flight instructor, his passion for flying and selling motivated him to look for an opportunity to utilize his unique skill set, and he was able to find a role as a Commercial Accounts Executive and Corporate Pilot for American Safeguard Insurance. where they offer business and personal lines of insurance to clients across most states in the US.

Outside of work, Kale loves flying, golf, hunting, and exploring the outdoors. Contact him today for a no-obligation assessment of your insurance needs!

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